Probe Life

A vision for the future

More than a decade after it was invented, Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) technology continues to capture the imagination of scientists pursuing new frontiers in medicine, with immunotherapy being the latest example. As the Probe Life team observed the increasing use of label-free biomolecular analysis, they noticed the need for improvements in the current state of the art. First is the implementation in instrumentation and software that has yet to push the limit for productivity. On the technology level, users have expressed the strong desire for higher sensitivity and better precision when studying tighter binding molecule pairs. Last but not least, the drive to accelerate biotherapeutics development is raising user expectations of the price-performance ratio on all fronts—not only on instrumentation but also on cost of operations, including consumables and workflow.

Our diagnostics experience

For the past years, several key members of our team have been busy bringing the most advanced immunodiagnostics to market before they joined Probe Life. With a novel platform to deliver accuracy and precision across a broad spectrum of user expertise and infrastructure sophistication, they developed and launched multiple automated analyzers and many reagent kits for cardiac diseases, inflammation, and fertility. Central to the system is an antibody-coated probe that moves through reagent wells on a unitized test strip. The small surface area of the probe tip offers the advantages of small sample volume (10–40 µL), low reagent consumption and no interaction with red blood cells, which enables the testing of whole blood. Today, hundreds of hospitals in China are benefiting from this technology.

Along came Gator

Our experience in engineering and manufacturing at an unprecedented level of precision and a depth of knowledge as the originators of label-free analysis technology are embodied in Gator—a major first step in addressing the multiple unmet needs of label-free analysis.

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