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Gator Label-Free Analysis

The power to accelerate biotherapeutics development

To streamline operations, acquisition and analysis are integrated on the Gator system—so the user can start an assay and come back to review results without having to initiate analysis in a separate step. The familiar nm-shift plots make it easy to compare data previously obtained using other systems. For enhanced efficiency, quantitation, kinetics and regeneration (QKR) can be combined in one run.

A true walkaway system

With Gator, you can initiate an experiment and come back after analysis is complete. The easy-to-use templates based on proven algorithms give users additional confidence about the results.

Gator UI Screenshot
Initiate assays, analyze data or generate reports—all from the same, customizable home screen.
Gator UI Screenshot
Set up assay easily, with the capability to initiate next assay while current one is in progress. Gator will alert you when it’s time to load the next plate.
Gator UI Screenshot
Display quantitation results in real time.
Gator UI Screenshot
Enhance biomolecular interaction studies with real-time kinetics analysis.

Regenerable probe for most applications

Gator Probe

Gator is available with a variety of probes to address specific application needs, with the advantages of our unique probe design. For example, the Protein A probe provides better quantitation at high IgG concentrations and improved sensitivity with low IgG levels. Probe regeneration is fast—10 to 30 seconds, improving efficiency and economy.

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